Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facetime 101: With Class!

Facetime 101: With Class!

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet the guys, or for those of you who have, yet continue to act like beligerant fools around them, this is for you! Following these guidelines will make the facetime opportunities you receive much more memorable for both you AND Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jon, and Joe.

This may be the most important item on the list. If you scream, they will think twice about coming over to chat. Donnie may be the only exception to this rule. If he seems to be enjoying the Fan-girly antics, give him all you've got! The others? DON'T DO IT! Honestly, you look like an idiot and they will more than likely be deathly afraid of you. This goes for the venues too! If you are waiting outside the venue in hopes that one of the Fab 5 will come and say hello, a scream or "woooo" will definitely ruin it for you. I have witnessed this a few times myself. Jordan actually thought about coming over and saying "hi" and taking pictures, but when some looney got too excited and screamed he literally turned around and walked back into the venue. Be excited! You should! But DO NOT SCREAM at them, EVER!

If you happen to find out any information regarding where the guys are staying, where they are eating lunch, where they are shopping, etc BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SHARE THAT INFORMATION WITH! If you share with someone you don't know very well, chances are they will tell two people, and those two people will tell three other people, and you will end up with a mob scene! When any of the guys' see a mob scene, they hide! You will not get your facetime. I'm not saying don't ever share info, because that would just be downright mean, just be sure you know how many people will show up based on who you tell.

If you happen to spot a NK alone, do NOT tweet where he is! You may think no one is reading your tweets, but chances are more than one person is! And these people will relay that information to other people and pretty soon 40 women show up at Starbucks to see Jon! Jon will not appreciate this, and neither will you because you will no longer get your facetime opportunity!

Based on experience never, ever approach a Knight brother in public at a non-nk related event. These boys, especially Jon, do NOT appreciate the attention. Being on stage or at a Meet & Greet is a different scenario and is totally acceptable. Jordan will eat up your attention on stage, but in real life? Not so much. Just smile from a safe distance. Seriously, this comes from experience, if you do not want to be rejected by a New Kid DON'T approach these boys in public!

#5) BE COOL!
If you are lucky enough to be staying at the same hotel as the guys, do not freak out! Stay calm and collected. Do not camp out on the "suite" floor and do not hang outside the elevator. You will look dumb and the guys will eventually figure out another way to exit the hotel so they don't have to pass the fan paparazzi on the way out. Your best bet is to sit in the hotel bar, which usually provides you with a clear view of the lobby of the hotel. This way you can smile & wave at a New Kid if he decides to walk by. (again, no damn screaming!) If you are calm and collected, your chances of a New Kid coming to talk to you are MUCH higher.

This list is just a beginning point. There are so many other DOs and DO NOTs. Got any other suggestions? Let me know. My twitter name is @M_Vizzle .

P.S. This list is PURELY for fun. If you say any of these guidelines are bullshit, then you obviously have no idea how to act when it comes to facetime. Good luck, and don't be a facetime hog bitches! ;o)


  1. Comment for rule #4

    If you can't resist temptation (as i couldn't), atleast dont go right up to them. Keep a distance of about 5 feet and dont ramble about "dreams come true" and "20 years ago...". Just simply state: Jordan, would you mind taking a photo with my friend and I? I realize your busy so we promise to make it quick....But its totally up to you! THEN start backing away from the Knight. It's in his hands now and u dont want to crowd him or make him feel pressured. NO BEGGING AT ALL. If he seems hesitant, just say "Its ok, i dont want to upset you". (this may have been my key in getting the photo i got, guilt) :) Hope this helps!

  2. This is just one of the best blogs I have seen in a while:) Hopefully some of the sign carrying, kid using, screamers, tweeting locations, NKOTB earring wearing, hotel stalkers, will learn a little class and poise from this and not ruin it for the rest of us! LOL, On the cruise, seeing them in non-group events, they were very cool and relaxed as long as you didnt run screaming at them and acted "cool" yourself. I mean, who would want to talk to anyone that comes screaming after you??? Love this Blog :) Maybe I can come up with a few that you may like...

  3. JenheartsDdub - Yes! Please! Send me any ideas you've got, I'd love to add them and I'd obviously give you credit as well! Glad you enjoy the blog! :o)