Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tip #10 Yo

Quick update before I'm outta here. Got a busy day!

Ok, so maybe you had front row for a concert. Donnie looked at you, winked,
smiled, waved, maybe you were lucky enough to get a kiss! If you happen to run into him (or any other NK) any time after that concert, do not ask him if he remembers you. What is the point? Yes, he saw you, but he also saw 8,000 OTHER women that night too! Do you really want to waste 2 minutes of your hard-to-come-by facetime by describing what you were wearing to spark his memory? No! chances are he won't remember you ANYWAY. Quit living in the past and start making new, more memorable memories with him NOW. Maybe if you come up with something unique he will actually remember you THIS time. [Props to @M_Kellogg for this one!]

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