Monday, September 21, 2009

Tip #7

#7) DON'T BRING SIGNS! If you are going to do the whole "airport" thing, please remember to act like a NORMAL human being. If you don't know what that is, please at least pretend to act like you are at the airport to fly somewhere, not to stalk a NK. DO NOT, at any time, bring your concert signs to the airport. Do you really think Joe, his wife and child want to see "Joe, I want your BIG MAC" when they get off their plane? Probably not. If the guys see a mob of women waiting at the arrival gate with neon signs and permed hair, they will probably find another way out of the airport. If you don't want to ruin it for you or your friends, leave the signs in the car! This is an airport NOT a concert venue.


  1. please don't tell me you've witnessed fans with signs at the airport! wow. just wow.

  2. YES...yes I have. I could do nothing besides hang my head in shame.